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LA CREAM, The tailor-made conditioner treatment

LA CREAM, The tailor-made conditioner treatment

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To appreciate its true value, pay attention to its secret: RINSING.

Adapt it to your needs, the drier your hair is, the less you rinse it and vice versa.

One or two uses are necessary to get used to this shade. But once mastered, “LA CREME” works miracles. Don't worry, no risk of heavy hair: it contains NO SILICONE.

And to make your life easier, no exposure time. You will no longer have an excuse to have dry hair!

FOR WHOM: all dry, rough, rebellious curly, colored, bleached, difficult to detangle hair...

- you can use it instead of shampoo (no-poo or low-poo method) for curly/frizzy/frizzy hair; during the holidays and after coloring or balayage.
- you can also use it as a day cream for curly/frizzy hair.

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