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L'HUILE, Repairing serum for dry and damaged hair

L'HUILE, Repairing serum for dry and damaged hair

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As a mask, as a daily touch or as holiday protection: this oil is the miracle cure for brittle, dry, frizzy hair... in need of care.

This oil has the advantage of being very nourishing without being heavy or too greasy.

Macadamia nut oil, the main component of "THE OIL", has the particularity of being identical to sebum. It thus recreates on the lengths the natural protection that they lack: nourished, they regain suppleness and shine.

As a mask : to deeply nourish, soak the entire hair and leave for a few hours or overnight

As a daily touch : to protect and nourish on a daily basis without greasing or weighing down, apply a tiny amount to dry lengths. Perfect for reforming curls and making hair shine.

In holiday protection : don't leave without it and remember, prevention is better than cure.

Our customers' little extras : apply "OIL" to very dry areas of the body or to do manicures... It's up to you and don't hesitate to send us your tips.

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